Why it was created:
TotalDeletion was created forstudents of English as a foreign language. But it will work for anylanguage. It's an extremely easy way to make a custom computer lessonfor your students. Any language, Any topic. The PLUS version offersan easy way to incorporate images and sounds into your lessons.

What it is:
TotalDeletion is a classic CALL(Computer Assisted Language Learning) program. Students can see aline where letters used to be. Example: "That is my dog." would be"---- -- -- ---". You can also give a hint. Example: "Translate into Latin: The soldiers are brave." Hints will appear in the field abovethe student's window. Students type the words they think are in theanswer. If they are right, the word appears. Very simple. Your hintprovides the goal, the lines help the student to think about how toachieve the goal, and the program provides instant feedback.

Various points about the program:
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Create unique multi-media activities easily.
  • Can be adapted to your own word educational area.

    Why your school should consider purchasing TotalDeletion:

  • It's flexible. You can adapt it to any language you're teaching
  • It's easy for students to understand. You won't need to spend much time explaining how to use the game.
  • It's easy for teachers to understand. Teachers can start using this right away.