You're dream has come true. Banish forever your envy of 'modern' language teachers with all of their visual and video teaching aides. Latin videos are here!

Nox Viventium Mortuorum The opening scene of the zombie classic. "They're coming to get you Barbara!" Te capiendum veniunt, Barbara! [Script]

Domus Electrica 1 Buster Keaton's 1922 silent work. 82 years old yet somehow fresh. Part 1 of the movie. To be used with my PowerPoint/KeyNote presentation. Look here

War of the Worlds Still needs some work.

Harry Potter It ain't Quiddich. [Script]
Flash Gordon: Purple Death It ain't Quiddich. [Script]

Ideas for using:
Just watch.
Watch, pause and guess.
Take dictation (subtitles can be turned off in Quicktime: Edit menu--Enable Tracks--TextTrack--"off")
Put in order: Before watching, give students strips of dialogue. They arrange and then watch to check