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A language without audio is truly a dead language (except for sign language!)
Where to get quality Latin audio?

Textbook Publishers
All the major text publisher's probably have discs and cassettes available. (If they don't then maybe you should wonder how committed they are to humanistic education.)
I particularly like Cambridge's audio component. You can hear a sample online. I listened to it first in 2002 and loved it. Then I checked it out again in 2004 and they had made it even better! (They toned down some of the background effects)
Check it out here: sample

Music Publishers
Gregorian chant and Classical music are the obvious places to look. Note that the pronounciation will be different from Classical.

On Line
Lot's happening here. Look for what's at your level. Some are at quite a higher level of proficiency than is appropriate for the beginner. Most use RealPlayer or Mp3 formats. Hint When searching the internet, limit your search somehow with Google's advanced search options. Searching for "Latin mp3" will get you a lot of Salsa music, not much Latin Language. Try "Ovid" or "Latin reading mp3". Try this: sample Note, I've omitted "music" and "song" from this search!