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TPR Latin

The most complete starter kit available for

Total Physical Response

Price: $10
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The Physical Product:
Audio CD and Data CD combined. It will work in both audio CD players and Computers.

92 tracks. 27 minutes.

All the lessons and prints are PDF files (you will need the Adobe Reader software--free at The files are located on the CD.

More Detail

There are ten lessons. Each lesson begins with 10 sample commands which introduce the target vocabulary for the day. Each lesson comes with flash cards to help the teacher compose new commands. Each lesson has a quiz that includes a listening part (also on the CD) and writing. You may print as many as you need for your class. There is also a teacher's guide with detailed lesson plans; i.e. they state the target vocabulary and structures, they have a transcript of the CD, they have approximate times for each portion of the lesson.



Each lesson comes with printable flash cards designed to help the teacher compose commands.


Lessons 5 and 8 have printable at-desk work (pictures that students can manipulate)



Detailed Lesson Plans.



A Latin-English tapescript of the entire CD.


How to order

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