Latina Per Picturas Illustrata

Name & Link Description Author
(word list)
A composite picture of a typical school and classroom. Tom McCarthy
Capillos Longos Comparative and Superlative manipulative Tom McCarthy
The Happy Dog Comparative and Superlative booklet Tom McCarthy
Rex Singular Rex declined in context booklet Tom McCarthy
Present Tense Illustrated Poster showing the present tense in context
Tom McCarthy
1st & 2nd Declension Nom/Acc A small booklet showing Puer and Puella in singular and plural nominative and accusative. Tom McCarthy
Verb Review Cards with pictures, question and answers for pairs of students to work together. Tom McCarthy
Possessive Pronoun & Genitive Innovative Booklet to demonstrate Possesive Pronouns Tom McCarthy
Indirect Discourse Pair Work Cards for Indirect Discourse Tom McCarthy
Perfect Infinitive Visual Representation of how to form the Perfect Infinitive. Tom McCarthy
Verb Pair Work Pair Work Cards for various tenses Tom McCarthy
Present Participle Flap book demonstrating Present Participle Tom McCarthy
Sine Qua Non 3 illustrated posters of useful classroom phrases Tom McCarthy