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Latina Per Ludos Illustrata©
"Games" are activities to practice language in an enjoyable way--not just competition
Title (link)
Picture Dictaction 1 Practice Prepostions and Listening through drawing Tom McCarthy
Prepostition Cards
Various Games for Prepositions Tom McCarthy
Find Someone Who
Survey-type activity. Tom McCarthy
Picture Match 1 A Concentration-like game Tom McCarthy
Snakes & Ladders Translation Game Tom McCarthy
Guess Who Description Game--Speaking and Listening Tom McCarthy
Where Are You Going? Circle Game--Speaking Tom McCarthy
Picture Dictation 2 Includes comparative adjectives, relative pronouns Tom McCarthy
I second that Emotion Say it loud, say it proud, say it with passion, with... Tom McCarthy
Question Cards About the Body, Pippin & Albinus, Various uses T. McCarthy
Battle Ship A classic game brought to Latin. Verb Practice. Rebecca Bush