Hangman is the classic word game that everyone who has gone to school in America has played. This is a computer version. It can be played alone, but I prefer to have students work together. Teams of students can compete (or not compete!---just have fun!)

Why is 'Hang Man' a classic?
It combines a lot of great qualities. There is the element of guessing. Students must take a chance! They must THINK. There are many combinations of letters in English (or other languages) but there isn't an infinite number of combinations. Successful students use common letter patterns. This reinforces both reading and writing. There is also the element of danger. Time is running out!

Various points about the program:
  • Students may use either the mouse or the keyboard.
  • Teachers may include a hint. The hint may be vague-a category, for example. Or the hint may be very precise.
  • You may use sentences or phrases! Not only one word.
  • Animation is provided to give important feedback.
  • Sound is also provided. There is a deathly "twang" after 16 misses and a refreshing "ahh" when the word is guessed.
  • Cross-platform.

    Why your school should consider purchasing Hang Man:

  • It's flexible. I've included some sample games for History, Grammar and the Dolch sight words.
  • It's easy for students to understand. You won't need to spend much time explaining how to use the game.
  • It's easy for teachers to understand. Teachers can start using this right away--they probably have appropriate material on their computers right now! Just copy, paste and you're ready!
    an image of the word-list importer The word-list import window."

    What does the program require to run? Windows 95 and greater Mac PowerPC QuickTime--You might already have this useful piece of software. Run the program, if you don't have it, the program will tell you and point you to this link.