Using Word For Dictation

A simple way to use computers in a multimedia way. Best of all, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to prepare this activity and you should get about 20 minutes of student work from it.
#Mac Users: I couldn't find a way to get Word to record on my Mac.

The Teacher

  1. Get the file here: template
  2. Open it on your computer
  3. Right-click the speaker icon and select record.
  4. Record your question. e.g. "Quid nomen tibi est?"
  5. Repeat for as many questions as you have.
  6. Save the document with a meaningful name
  7. Put your document in a shared folder for download, or (if it fits) on a floppy.

The Student
  1. Get the document.
  2. Double click on the speaker icon.
  3. Listen to the question. Type what you hear in the column next to the speaker icon.
  4. Type an appropriate response in the column next to the question.
  5. Save the document with your name.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know.