Mutual Dication is one of my favorite activities because students enjoy it, everyone is engaged, and ALL the skills are used. Basically students dictate a text to each other. It's a very low risk activity.

So 10 years ago, I made a program to generate these activities. I've used it all those years but I wanted to bring it up-to-date and Windows compatible.

Now it's done!
What's been updated? Macrons and accent marks are now allowed!
Here's a sample product (using Orberg's Lingua Latina Capitulum XI)

Due to the fact that I'm running out of space on this server, you will have to jump through two hoops to get it.

  1. Download and unpack the "Latin Text Tool" engine Mac | Windows
  2. Download and unpack the "Program_file"
  3. Put the "Program_file" in the same folder (directory) as the "Latin Text Tool" engine.

That's all. Double click and use. It should be pretty self-explanatory.