Title Verb Pair Work
Level 1 -3
Number of Students Any
Organization Pairs
Length 10 minutes
Materials 1 card per student

Preparing the cards:

  1. Get as many cards as you need. You can find some Active Verbs | Indirect Discourse
  2. Pint--in color if possible
  3. Fold in half (there is a handy grey line to guide you
  4. Laminate if possible


  1. Put students in pairs.
  2. Give each student a card.
  3. Students ask the question printed on the back of the card.
    They should check/help their partner.
  4. When they've finished asking the questions, they pass the card to the next pair of students and answer their partner's questions.
  5. Repeat until all the cards have circulated or as time permits.

Other uses.

You can use it to quiz the entire class.

You can reduce the size of the picture, put it on your test (permission granted here for your personal classroom use)
Students see the picture.
Students hear your question and write it (dictation)
Students write out the answer.
I usually score like this: 2 points for the question, 2-3 points for the answer. Reducing points for mistakes.

©Tom McCarthy MMIII