Sine Qua Non

Basic classroom exchanges illustrated in glorious black and white. Black and white means you can easily copy it and distribute to students. Feel free to do so.

The pdf format means you can easily print in a variety of sizes. Why not trot over to Kinko's and get a poster-size print? Displaying it on the wall will save you the trouble of urging students to speak in Latin. Whenever a student says one of the phrases in English, merely point to the appropriate picture and give the evil eye. You might assign this job to a student. Student A says, "Can I go to the bathroom?" you give a knowing look to student B (Latin police), and B points to the appropriate picture. B may also wish to give the evil eye.

When students begin to get comfortable with them, why not ask them to make a skit using 3 or 4?

Need I say test? You can copy bits of the pdf file (use the graphic tool to select). Then paste it into your favorite word-processor program. White out a few words and your done!

Now I said this is a free resource, and it is. But I made this for Latin teachers (actually I made this for students!). So if you teach Latin, great. If you or your colleague teach another language and want to use this poster for that language, let me know first.

Enjoy. Get it here:Sine Qua Non PDF (152k)
Here is a flash-card version. Each dialogue has been placed onto an indivual page (Letter size). Get it here: Flash Card PDF (388k)