Updated Feb 6 2004!

Thanks to Alert Reader Laurene Holloway! If you downloaded these visuals before the above date, you should update! Various Fixes too numerous to mention.

The object of this visual is to show the present endings in context. You will need to print at least the "Present_endings.pdf" and cut out the boxes. After that you can print out any of the other pdf files and place them behind the "Present_endings" poster. (see the sample below--the blue letters and pictures in red boxes change with the background) Greek version here

Present_endings.pdf (this is the background)

Here are the verbs:

  1. Ambulo
  2. Scribo
  3. Lego
  4. Curro

Note: printing/copying the "present_endings" file onto sturdier paper helps. You can also glue it onto some scrap board.

I'll try to get more verb stems posted in the future. You can also ask your students to create them.