Name: Picture Dictation 2
Level: 1 - 2
number of students: Any
organization: individual,pair, or teams
Length: 5
Materials / Preparation: paper & pencil/chal

Pre-teach if necessary the vocabulary. Drawing simple pictures may help students know what kind of pictures are expected.

1. Read each line--many times if necessary.
2. Check drawings.

English Latin
1 There is a house. Est villa.
2 The house has two windows and one door. Villa duas fenestras et unam januam habet.
3 The house is between two trees. Villa inter duas arbores sita est.
4 One tree is bigger than the house. It is on the right. Alia arbor est major quam villa. Ad dextram villae est.
5 The other tree is smaller than the house. Alia arbor est minor quam villa.
6 In the tree which is smaller than the house are many apples. Multa mala sunt in arbore quae minor est quam villa.
7 Under the tree which is larger than the house two dogs are sleeping. Duo canes sub arbore quae major est quam villa dormiunt.

Variation 1: Have students read the Latin to a partner.
Variation 2: Challenge students to remember the sentences after the drawings are completed. (Perhaps as homework?)
Variation 3: Dictate the lines and have students work from their dictation.

©Thomas McCarthy MMIII